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Welcome to !


Welcome to! It's just me and my lonesome running this site, that's why it isnt so great. On the blue bar, to your left, you should find a link that says "Argus Collection." I have most of my Argus Cameras on this section of the site. There is a little bit of information along with all of the pictures. Click on the model name to get this information. There is also a link to "Argus Manuals" I have a few of my manuals up there, so once you get in, click on the model name you want. If you have a manual that you are willing to let me put on my manual page, let me know. I need more! There is also a button that will take you to a page which will show you how to contact me. The "Projects" button will take you to a page where you can click on a project that i did, and see it. I need to update that...There is also a Links page, go there t go find out more about Argus. Finally, there is an argus information page. This page has lots of information about Argus. Most of it was in fact made by argus, or in magazines of that era! I update this site quite often, so come back later if you don't find what you want!

left, and down - These two pictures came from two advertisements for Argus Cameras.