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Argus History

Argus began its successful production of quality American made cameras with a man named Mr. Charles Verschoor, while he was on vacation in Europe. While he was on vacation, Mr. Verschoor realized that he should invest in the production of cameras, instead of bakelight radio's. He brought back a few cameras, and was convinced to start manufacturing bakelight cameras. In 1936, Charles Verschoor came up with the plans for the A. He patented them, and soon started manufacturing them. The little bakelight camera was a surprising hit on the camera market, selling over 30,000 in the first seven days. 
      According to Mike Reitsma in an e-mail, Argus handled most of its distribution, but in the west coast, it was handled by "Craig's." Other distributers of Argus products included Montgomery Wards, and Sears Catalog's, as well asmilitary post exchanges.
     Also in Mike Reitsma's e-mail, the model "A" bodies were cast by Reynolds Molded Products, then Chicago Molded Products, after the approximate serial number 20,000. Finally, the C bodies were cast by Michigan Molded Products.
     Still in Mike's e-mail!! The design of the A was produced by both Charles Verschoor and Gustave Fassin. Also according to Mr. Reitsma, Clinton Harris, a University of Michigan drop-out highly skilled in engineering design, and production. He was also a designer for the "metal bodied" cameras. He then went on from positions such as VP to President until Argus was bought out by Sylvania.