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Argoflex 75- 
Kodak 6A 

Argoflex Super 75-

36mm slip-on Series VI

Argoflex E-

15/16 slip-on, numerous special adapters

Argoflex 40-

30MM Series V Slip on 


30MM Series V Slip on

Argus Automatic-                                              

Series V built in

C-3 Standard and Matchmatic

Series V built-in

 Model 21 Markfinder-

1 (31.5mm) Series VI


39mm slip-on


Kodak 7A, 33mm Slip on

26mm Screw on Adapter Ring Series VI

C-44, C-44R-

Built-in Series V Ring

If you use a LIGHT METER and a FILTER, there is a simple method of compensating for the filter
 factor.  Simply divide the film speed of the film by the filter factor.  Set this result on the light
 meter, and use the meter as you usually would. For instance, say you were using Plus X film
 and a K-2 filter. Normal film speed is 80, and the filter factor is 2.  Divide 80 by 2, the result is
 40.  Set this on the film speed dial on the light meter. Use the meter normally, as the filter 
factor computation has been allowed for.

6A equals aprox. 28mm; 7A equals aprox. 32.5mm

The Chart made on this page was created by Michael Huck. Thanks a lot Mike!